Do you feel like invisible walls are blocking your ability to create and sustain a fulfilling life and relationship?

As a licensed marriage + relationship therapist for over 18 years working in the most populated city in the United States,

I’ve had the fortune of helping many couples resolve their issues and achieve a happy, healthy relationship. However, there are many couples that don’t have the opportunity to come into my office due to several challenges. Some have distance issues (military spouses or 3+ hourly daily commutes) that prevent them from getting the help they need. Some cannot convince their spouses or partners to see a therapist, others are just not interested in couple’s therapy and want a short-term model. And others just can’t find the time between juggling long work hours, shuttling kids to music lessons, and checking off every day to-dos.

Traditional therapy just doesn’t fit into their lifestyle.

Because I feel so passionately about reconnecting partners to create loving & meaningful relationships. I’ve decided to condense 18 years of my therapy practice and hundreds of saved relationships into an audio program. “The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Group” is a 5 part audio program that have helped individuals and couples restore intimacy, strengthen bonds, and live a happy, fulfilling life together with their partners. This program helps dive deep into specific issues that plague relationships and I provide step-by-step actions, relationship advice and laser coaching you can take right away to work through your problems and open the path to love & happiness.

Ultimate Relationship Program
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