Ending a relationship is a process. This decision doesn’t happen overnight. Even if this decision is right for you it is never easy. Depending on how long the relationship was in tact and how much was invested emotionally the mourning time might be longer than others. Allow yourself an examination period after the relationship has ended. Give yourself time to understand what happened and learn valuable lessons.

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Action Tip: Look for unhealthy patterns and dynamics.

Ask yourself the following: 
• What kind of relationship did I attract? 
• What kind of issues did we have? 
• How did I contribute to the relationship in a positive and negative way? 
• What do I need to own up to before I get into another relationship?

Give yourself the right to do some inward thinking. Be cognizant about your inner growth and development. Becoming self-aware opens you up to making inner shifts and changes so you can be able to attract a healthier relationship.

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Many of my couples often get concerned that after being in a relationship for more than six months they will lose the spark or romance with their partner.

The romantic love stage usually fades within one year. But, it’s important to replace romantic love with emotional intimacy.

When you desire more passion from your relationship, you are really craving more emotional intimacy from your partner. You want a deeper connection to your loved one. There is a desire to know your partner at a deeper level and for them to know you at a deeper place. Men and women share this need equally. Your romantic love is strengthened by a deep friendship. Some couples have difficulty with emotional intimacy, but enjoy a healthy sex life. Others enjoy emotional intimacy, but lack physical intimacy. But, it’s essential to have both to maintain a healthy relationship.

Action Tip: Work on creating and developing emotional intimacy in your relationship. This means accepting your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of having an emotionally intimate relationship is that you feel loved and accepted for who you are. Remind your partner that you desire them. Try to plan impromptu dates, which will constantly reintroduce you and your partner to the emotional and physical connection needed to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

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