Twenty-four hours in a day never seem to be enough. Balancing kids, healthy relationship/marriage, work, friends and other life commitments is one of our greatest challenges today.

What often seems to slip through the cracks is quality time spent with our partner. Even with the best of intentions, piles of dirty dishes/kids’ homework/work commitments.. (whatever it may be) tend to subtly push relationship time down to the bottom of the priority list.

I know of couples that seldom eat dinner together and hardly share an intimate moment.

Your relationship or marriage should be your most important relationship in your life as it is the foundation of the family.


Here are is relationship advice ways to find more time to spend with your partner:

• Write a list of priorities and place it high on the list – deprioritize things such as having a perfectly organized home in favor of having a healthy relationship and fulfilled marriage. 
• Make a date of it – schedule time together on a regular basis. Aim for at least once per week. This may sound like a daunting time commitment in a busy schedule, but remember how important your relationship and your partner is to you. Make a date and stick to it – even a short amount of quality time will do. 
• Co-ordinate – co-ordinate your schedules so that you can eat dinner together, perhaps go to bed at the same time, spend time together on the weekends. 
• Multi-task – find time to spend together when you are busy with other commitments. Here are some suggestions: make dinner together (this can even be a lot of fun), or split the house chores (you fold the laundry while he hangs it out.) 
• ‘Alone’ time is crucial – time together just the two of you is the most valuable time that you can have. Whether you go out together or have a quiet evening together at home, it’s so important to be alone, communicate and be intimate.

No relationship can blossom without time together. If you can see that you and your partner are headed in different directions, make a point to slow down and find the time to dedicate to each other.

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There’s something I’d like to share with you that could change your whole viewpoint about your relationship and relationships in general.

Here it is…

You. Can’t. Fix. Your. Partner!

Sound simple?

In theory, yes, but in practice, it’s not so easy.

Many relationships have one partner who is a ‘fixer’ – ‘fixers’ are people who get into relationships thinking (consciously/sub-consciously) that they will be able to ‘fix’ or change their partner.

In my experience in working with couples in marriage counseling is that it is not possible to change someone – each person needs to a) want to change and b) work on themselves to make the change.

DeathtoStock Creative Community8

So, if this sounds familiar to you and you think that you may be a ‘fixer’ yourself, here is relationship advice for you to stop your fixing ways:

• Accept that your partner needs to want to work on him/herself 

• If your partner is not aware that he/she needs to work on certain things, subtly and sensitively help him/her come to this realization 

• Help your partner to take action steps to achieve this, without offering your solution 

• Have patience, understanding and be a support system (but not a problem- solver) through the process 

• Last but not least, turn things around and scrutinize yourself to see where you need to work on yourself (all of us could do with a little self-improvement).

If your need to fix goes deeper than this and stems from a childhood issue, or past experience, this may require a little more work and perhaps some individual counseling.

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