Ever notice how texting makes life easier?

But what happens when this easier communication style backfires? What happens when text messaging goes wrong and you argue with your significant other over a misunderstanding that could’ve been avoided if you would have talked in person or on the phone instead?

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It’s misinterpretations like these that can plague relationships. Although texting has made it easier to communicate, it can also become a serious concern among couples.

Action Tip: Don’t hide behind the text message.

Hiding behind a text message so you don’t have to come face-to-face with a difficult conversation is a recipe for trouble. A lot of things get lost in communicating this way. It might not hurt your relationship now but it could as time progresses. Never use a text message as a shield.

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Ending a relationship is a process. This decision doesn’t happen overnight. Even if this decision is right for you it is never easy. Depending on how long the relationship was in tact and how much was invested emotionally the mourning time might be longer than others. Allow yourself an examination period after the relationship has ended. Give yourself time to understand what happened and learn valuable lessons.

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Action Tip: Look for unhealthy patterns and dynamics.

Ask yourself the following: 
• What kind of relationship did I attract? 
• What kind of issues did we have? 
• How did I contribute to the relationship in a positive and negative way? 
• What do I need to own up to before I get into another relationship?

Give yourself the right to do some inward thinking. Be cognizant about your inner growth and development. Becoming self-aware opens you up to making inner shifts and changes so you can be able to attract a healthier relationship.

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