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Couples/Marital Counseling


Is the romance missing in your relationship?

Have those amazing date nights, stolen glances and gentle touches faded into memory?

Are you anxious that your relationship is falling apart?

Are you tired from having the same fights with your partner?


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Communication, money, expectations, family members and other issues can get in the way and prevent you from having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

Many couples get stuck in negative dynamics and having the same arguments over and over again. I help couples learn new and healthier ways to communicate and break out of unhealthy patterns and habits. I teach strategies and tools to help you improve on how to express your feelings and discuss sensitive topics and issues together.





The goal is to help you gain insight and awareness into reactions and behaviors, feel heard, communicate more effectively, create more intimacy and change dynamics in your relationship.



Rachel is a skilled couple’s therapist and educator. You will learn practical and easy tools that you can start using right away to improve your relationship. You will understand what gets in the way of your having a fulfilling relationship and how to quickly abolish them so you are open to give and receive the love in your life.L.S.


E-course for Couples

After years of helping clients, I recognize that there are many people who desire healthier relationships but are uncomfortable going to therapy or simply cannot go to a therapist’s office because of travel, scheduling or financial issues. To serve them, I designed a program that can be used remotely at any time.

This user-friendly E-course program, The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program, transforms relationships through a combination of psycho-education, proactive skills and proven techniques. From the comfort of their home, car or while out exercising, couples use the program to make immediate and beneficial changes in their relationships. Through this self-help program, individuals and couples learn how to effectively navigate the five most common issues that arise in relationships: communication, anger, money, physical and emotional intimacy.

For more information, check out E-course for couples.