Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling


Getting divorced is a hard process even if we are the one who initiates it. The statistics are over 50% of people who get divorced remarry but over 65% of second marriages end in divorce.

It’s important to experience the range of emotions from the ending and loss of the relationship/marriage.

So what does it mean to mourn the loss?

Breakups can be difficult depending on the length of time and emotional investment into the relationship. The thoughts and feelings that people generally experience may be feelings of rejection, sadness, anger, guilt and other feelings that are associated with the grieving process.








My goal is to help clients work through this mourning and healing process and move into a place of acceptance.

It is necessary to understand past relationships in order to be more prepared and ready to take action in finding love again. Once you are feeling more centered and focused on what you do want in a partner, and aware of the patterns in your past relationships, you may be ready for a new partnership.


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I work with you to ensure you are attracting a new relationship based on lessons learned from your past. I help you grow and evolve which allows you to attract a healthier partner.


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Rachel communicates her insights so clearly and her tools can be implemented easily and simply. I highly recommend …thank you so much Rachel!”– G.R.