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Learn Proven Essential Strategies (They Don’t Teach you in Graduate School) to Build a Profitable Private Practice 


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Therapists learn a lot about human development and counseling in Graduate School but not how to develop a business.

With the same proven systems and strategies I’ve used to launch and develop my own successful practice, I can teach you how to design and build the profitable business you desire.

Clinicians often struggle with:

  • How to start their practice in a marketplace that is too competitive?
  • How to develop their practice using marketing strategies that fit their personality style?
  • How to transition from insurance to full paying private clients?
  • How to deal with the ebbs and flows of their private practice?
  • How to deal with money blocks and set their fee’s


With two decades of experience in building a fulfilling and lucrative business in one of the busiest cities in the world, my specialty is teaching you how to stand out in a highly competitive and busy market place and help you develop the necessary connections. 


I am passionate about helping clinicans design their dream practice and teaching them how to market themselves and stand out in one of the most competitive cities.The goal is to help you develop a step by step plan to turn your private practice into a profitable business and have the work/life balance you desire.


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