The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program
A guided journey to creating a loving, supportive & deeply satisfying relationship

Do you:

  • Feel that money and financial issues are ruining your relationship and talking about it with your partner just seems to make things worse?
  • Feel frustrated that most books and relationship programs seem to only approach relationship problems from a religious point of view that doesn't support your beliefs?
  • Feel overwhelmed with too much information out there on relationships that doesn't really speak to what you need?
  • Want to have a peaceful, passionate relationship but don't have the budget for therapy or coaching fees?

The good news is, you're not alone.

Millions of couples cope with these same concerns. And as a licensed marriage + family therapist for over 17 years working in the most populated city in the United States. I've had the fortune of helping many couples resolve their issues and achieve a happy, healthy relationship. Couples that didn't have the opportunity to come into my office expressed several challenges. Some had distance issues (military spouses or 3+ hourly daily commutes) that prevented them from getting the help they need. Some couldn't convince their spouses to see a therapist, so they tried to cope all alone. And others just couldn't find the time between juggling long work hours, shuttling kids to music lessons, and checking off every day to-dos.

Traditional therapy just didn't fit into their lifestyle.

Maybe you can relate.

Because I feel so passionately about reconnecting partners to create loving & meaningful relationships. I've decided to condense 17 years of my therapy practice and hundreds of saved relationships into "The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program" that I'm honored to present to you.

In this program, I tackle the five most pressing issues that couples like you face - communication, anger, money, and physical & emotional intimacy. These issues are at the core of every unhappy relationship. This program is unlike the millions of books and relationship programs out there today that focus on one strategy or give a general overview of problems. In this program, we dive deep into these specific issues that plague relationships and I provide step-by-step actions and relationship advice you can take right away to work through your problems and open the path to love & happiness.

Think of it like the CliffsNotes version of every relationship book and seminar rolled into one quick-start program that will restore intimacy, strengthen your bond, and help you live happy, fulfilling life together.

How it Works

Once you purchase the program using the button below, you will get instant access to 5 audio recordings. You can download these recordings and listen to them at home, during your commute, or anytime that's convenient for you.

The audio recordings include:

  • AUDIO #1 - Strategies on Communicating Effectively with your Partner
    Learn 4 proven techniques to build a strong communication foundation with your partner.

    Communicating Effectively with your Partner
  • AUDIO #2 - Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner
    Overcome your (and your partner's) money issues and enter financial harmony.

    Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner
  • AUDIO #3 - Strategies in Managing Anger in your Relationship
    Finally end angry outbursts in your relationship and manage conflict in a harmonious manner.

    Managing Anger in your Relationship
  • AUDIO #4 - Breakthroughs in Physical Intimacy in your Relationship
    Rekindle the romance and deepen intimacy in your relationship.

    Breakthroughs in Physical Intimacy
  • AUDIO #5 - Developing your Relationships Emotional Intimacy
    Achieve the deeply fulfilling experience of emotional intimacy with your partner and create an enduring bond.

    Developing your Relationships Emotional Intimacy

"The materials to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program are wonderful. I also think that a variety of clients at different levels of treatment would be able to easily use them."

- Patricia M. Regensburg, LCSW

"The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program give you permission to explore your relationship in a safe and nurturing environment. By living presently and opening yourself up to the teachings of Rachel Moheban, you will start to equate "therapy" with the benefits of mind/body practice. Learning the differences of conscious and unconscious marriages, living in the moment, and experiencing unity with your partner and the world are crucial in forging a stronger bond with your partner and finding a happiness within yourself."

"Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner is an amazing growth tool to use in your relationship. In this audio, I learned my money type as well as what my husband's money type is, which I had no clue of before. This, along with the techniques, exercises and 'Rachel's Rules', has opened my eyes up to see my true relationship with money and how I can better manage my money type. This powerful information has also allowed me to better understand how to resolve the money conflicts with my partner. Rachel communicates her insights so clearly and her exercises and tools can be implemented easily and simply. I highly recommended Rachel's program... thank you so much Rachel!"

- Gina Rafkind,

What's the investment?

The investment for the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program is just $99.00.
Much less expensive, and less time consuming, than a session with a therapist or relationship counselor.

I'm delighted to share my secrets, tools, and powerful strategies to renew or build a happy relationship for a fraction of the cost of private therapy.

"Rachel is skilled couples therapist and educator. Her years of training and expertise are now available everyone with her Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. You will learn practical and easy tools that you start using right away to improve your relationship. You will understand what gets in the way of your having fulfilling relationship and how to quickly abolish them so you are open to give and receive the love in your life. And these skills are so universal, you will start to see ALL of your relationships improving!"

"After listening to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program, I am convinced that it is a must have tool for anyone who is in a relationship. The strategies and exercises in these audios help couples open up and bond with each other in new and exciting ways that I never knew existed. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first, but after listening to the program, I was transformed."

- Anna E, NYC, Therapist

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Rachel's Audio CD program the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. Rachel brings the same passion and conviction to her CD instruction as she does to her in-person work. She's thoughtful and compassionate and her listeners will find her advice insightful, intelligent and most of all, highly practical and useful."

- Adrian Miller, Business Growth Architect

Is this program for you?

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program if perfect for you if you:

  • Are deeply committed to strengthening (or improving) your relationship.
  • Have had it with excuses and feeling "stuck"
  • Have a "yes, can do" attitude with enthusiasm and drive and open to relationship advice. (Yeah! I've had it with the old way, success here I come!)
  • Are a person who desires to have a partner you feel a powerful connection to

I've spent over 17 years figuring out what works (and most important, what doesn't work) for couples that want to be in happy relationships.
I am dedicated to ensuring you do not have to endure the same struggles and frustrations-no more wasting precious energy and money in trying to understand complicated relationships. Having a happy relationship doesn't need to be hard.

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DISCLAIMER: This Program is not meant to be used in replace of therapy but as an extra resource to compliment therapy or as a premarital tool.