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Are you and your partner having the same fights over and over again?

Are you talking in circles and feel your partner doesn’t understand you?

Has the romance and intimacy in your relationship been replaced with frustration and distance?

The romantic notion of living happily ever after is something that unfortunately only holds true in fairy tales, and love stories.

In the real world, daily pressures, invisible walls of communication, anger, money and intimacy issues can all create challenges, in even the strongest, happiest relationships.

A bond with a partner can be the most rewarding, yet challenging part of your life. Achieving and maintaining relationship satisfaction and harmony requires constant work, commitment and compromise.

Welcome to the Relationship Suite!

We are here to help you begin the healing process. We work with individuals and couples, helping them communicate more effectively, develop and deepen intimacy, and achieve fulfillment in their relationships. 

Contact us or call (917) 273-8836 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about our Couples Counseling Services.

We are currently providing Online/Virtual Video Counseling to our clients with HIPPA based platforms.

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“Rachel is a skilled couple’s therapist and educator. You will learn practical and easy tools that you can start using right away to improve your relationship. You will understand what gets in the way of your having a fulfilling relationship and how to quickly abolish them so you are open to give and receive the love in your life.”


“Rachel tackles the most critical elements for a lasting relationship…great communication. You get tangible tools and tips on how to bring resolution to issues in a gentle and powerful way.”


“I highly recommend Rachel as she communicates her insights so clearly and her tools can be implemented easily and simply.”


“Rachel is a warm engaging professional and a pleasure to work with. If you feel you are going through relationship issues, I highly recommend using her for individual and/or couples counseling.”