So it’s the new year…and the calendar year can really make you aware of how you want things to be different in your relationship. And it can be frustrating because when you don’t see any positive changes and aren’t sure what it will take to shift things what do you do?

Often times I hear my couples complain that their partner will not even consider coming to counseling or he/she isn’t interested in working on the relationship. Yes, it’s ideal if you both could be there…but so much change can happen only through you. So much depends on how YOU shift and change.

As you make these shifts the tone and the dynamics of the relationship can change. And you won’t even realize it. I have seen this many times and believe you can create change without your partner.

Action Tip: 
Think about.. 
What does your partner complain about you most that you don’t like to hear? Is there some truth to it? How can you shift this? 
What do you notice yourself doing during an argument that you wish you can do differently with your partner? Are you aware of what your issues are that negatively affect your relationship?

Figure out what you are contributing to your relationship that can be creating contention and fueling arguments. Feel empowered by doing this on your own and create the change necessary to have your best relationship in 2016.

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