One of the most important things I see in healthy relationships is the ability of both partners to take ownership of their responsibilities to themselves and each other. We all have issues, which can easily affect the dynamics of our relationship.

Our issues can also potentially hurt our partner whether we want them to or not. It’s important to know what you are contributing in both healthy and unhealthy ways to your relationship.

Here’s the #1 thing you should always do in your relationship: Take Ownership

If you can recognize where the wrong came from, or what role you had in the wrongdoing, then let your partner know and apologize. This step alone can prevent your relationship from taking a bad turn.

Action Tip: Apologize FOR REAL.

All couples have tough times, arguments and disagreements that can often escalate and become fraught with emotion. It’s at this time that a sincere apology is most important. A “real” apology is often the missing link to getting the other person to cease being on the attack and to allow reconciliation to occur. An apology indicates that you’re taken ownership of the situation and are ready to make it better and move on.

Taking ownership also helps to create boundaries in your relationship, which allows your partner to recognize that he or she is not at fault. What you’re doing here is showing your vulnerable side to your partner and letting him/her know that you’re responsible and committed to the relationship.

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