You may be one of those lucky people who have in-laws who are supportive and don’t meddle. They don’t pressure you to act against what you believe or ask you invasive questions. But, what about those of you who have in-laws that are pushy or get a little too involved creating conflict between you and your partner? Relationships with your in-laws can be tricky and the dynamics varies from family to family.

Here is relationship advice and 3 rules to help you handle your in-laws and maintain a healthy relationship:

  1. Let your partner know they are the priority.
    It is essential that you and your partner unite and work as a team when dealing with the in-laws. Often you can feel better just knowing that your partner supports and agrees with you. You don’t feel alone in dealing with the in-law problem. You want to reach compromises with your spouse and jointly decide the parameters of what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of parents’ behavior.
  2. Agree never to discuss marital issues with your parents.
    You need to make sure to you keep your marital issues private and never tell parents about your marital issues or disagreements. It’s always best to seek a counselor who can provide objective advice. This is never easy, especially because of emotional ties you may have with your parents. But this will also help to create a happier atmosphere when you spend time with your in-laws. You can enjoy family when you know your issues with your partner are private and between you and them only.
  3. Set limits and boundaries with your In-laws.
    It’s important that you agree as a couple that your in-laws are respectful of your time, space and needs. Work out a plan of action together and set limits in order to strengthen your partnership. When it comes to holidays and other important events you need to set a tone with your in-laws so they understand your needs.

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