Virtual Counseling also known as Telehealth/Online/or Video counseling is a service offered for remote support where you can use a webcam, online portal or phone to help clients with a variety of emotional needs. Over the past few years online therapy has become more popular and is a rapidly expanding field. People who want to deal emotional stress and unable to get to a therapist office due to physical limitations or are going through changes/transitions and want to stay with their therapist have come to see the benefits and embrace virtual counseling. Below, are 3 major benefits of online/video counseling.

  1. Convenience- Online counseling can be done from anywhere, any time of the day. You can continue to work on your issues despite challenging work schedules, crisis, and other stressors we may face day to day.
  2. Flexibility and Time Saving: You can save time commuting to and from appointments. You don’t have to deal with the stress of leaving work early, traffic or delayed trains with online counseling.
  3. Therapeutic Relationship: The relationship with your counselor doesn’t have to be diluted in any way because you are speaking through an online platform. You can still be your authentic selves and experience connection, empathy, support and growth from the comfort of your own homes.

Despite concerns, research consistently shows that online treatment can be very effective for many mental health issues. Some people have even felt that their virtual counseling experience has been just as satisfying as their in-person therapy.

Online/Video counseling does have limitations and it can be more effective for some over others. It also depends on the issues you are experiencing as it is not for individuals who are in severe crisis or thinking of harming themselves. Some may also prefer only in-person counseling feeling uncomfortable to do therapy through an online platform. However, it could be a good substitute and extremely beneficial during a major crisis or amid a chaotic time period. Most important, it allows people an opportunity to move forward and continue to grow and evolve if they are not able to do in person counseling.

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