Life can be exhausting, especially if you have children, a demanding career, and the myriad other responsibilities that come with being an adult. These stressors can lure you away from an active, fulfilling romantic life and into a slumber. You and your partner can restore your physical and emotional connection with your best date ever.

Going on a date when you are trying to light a fire in your relationship doesn’t require you to jump through hoops to create a carbon copy of a romantic scene in a movie. This dating advice requires four things: you, your partner, touching and talking.

Here are 3 steps to having your best date ever:

1- Plan the Date: Whisking your partner away for an intimate rendezvous on a whim is romantic. But, these intimacy dates need to be planned as everyday responsibilities such as children and career takes up so much of our time. There is nothing unromantic or forced about scheduling and planning a date to reconnect with each other.

2- No Rules or Format. There should be no expectation of having a date that rivals those in romantic movies. (You and your partner have enough on your plate here in the real world.) You don’t even have to spend money to make them spectacular experiences to renew or develop connection with your partner.

3-No Distractions: A highly energized night such as noisy cruise or party in the city might be bad ideas for your date. The location and the act of creating “the moment” for your partner cannot distract you two from making a connection. You can have an equally meaningful date at home as long as there are no distractions. Whatever you do, select a variety of locations and times to keep you and your partner intrigued and craving for more experiences with each other.

It’s okay if your date does not end in physical gratification. The only mandatory item on your agenda is getting closer with your partner.
If time with your loved one involves little more than talking and touching and you leave feeling closer than you did before your date, consider your time together a success.

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