Spring is fast approaching. The temperature warming up a bit, flowers starting to bloom, and there’s a fresh clean scent in the air.  For a lot people spring represents the one time of year to remove clutter from their homes.  They spend hours removing dust from under the bed, sorting through closets to remove clutter, and scrubbing down areas in their homes.  But have you ever thought about spring cleaning your relationship?

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to fall into patterns of neglect and not focus on keeping the spark in your relationship alive. Spring is the time for new beginnings and revitalizing your love. If you are having the same arguments and feel that issues haven’t been resolved, here is an opportunity to resolve these issues. Since spring is a time of renewal, why don’t you take some time to spruce up your relationship?

Here are three ways to “clean up your relationship.”

  • Just like you air out your house, you should air out your relationship differences. If you and your partner have opposing opinions on major topics or issues, take the time to have a rational conversation about them. Listen to each other’s perspective and feelings about topics and issues.
  • Remove neglected feelings from your emotional storage. I’m sure there’s something that bothers you about your relationship. Do you feel that some of your needs are not being met?  It’s important to let your partner know.
  • Spruce up your relationship for a fresh coat of love. Show your partner that you’re still romantic. Plan a nice day out together, create a personalized gift, or surprise your partner with a romantic date.

No matter which of my suggestions you decide to try, it’s necessary to focus and revive your relationship this spring.  All it takes is a time, focus and communication.

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