Coping with the coronavirus is highly stressful and shocking affecting our ability to cope and manage our lives. Dealing with this crisis is very hard emotionally and can create contention and stress in your relationship.

The serious challenges that couples are dealing with such as being confined to small spaces and stuck at home with nowhere to go could either bring them closer to each other or talking about divorce. In China, as a result of the coronavirus nightmare, “more than 300 couples have filed for divorce.” 

Have you asked yourself “Do we need virtual marriage counseling?” If so, keep reading for 5 signs that your relationship can benefit from virtual marriage counseling.

Blaming Each Other: Frustration often mounts when your physical and emotional needs are not met and destructive emotions such as blame can plague a relationship. It is easier to point the finger at your partner than to question how you contributed to the problem. An online counselor can help you work together as a team to discover what lies at the heart of intimacy issues.

Difficulty Communicating: You and your partner are having difficulty communicating and talking at each other while you struggle to assert yourselves. Virtual marriage counseling can help you learn ways and techniques on how to improve communication.

You’ve Lost Connection: You are feeling in a place of perpetual disconnect from your partner. You are living apart while living together and want a deeper connection with your partner. Online marriage counseling helps work on feeling more connected as you learn to understand, empathize and know your partner on a deeper level and for them to know you.

Feeling Easily Triggered: If you and your partner are fighting more frequently and intensely, a therapist can help you get everything out on the table. Learning what your triggers are and how to address disagreements or issues in a healthy way will help make your marriage more satisfying and fulfilling.

Your Marriage Was Already Having Problems: If you and your partner have already been experiencing problems and haven’t worked on them, it’s easy to continue to grow more distant and disconnected. Online marriage counseling can help you and your partner process and work through old feelings that keep creeping into the relationship.

Making sure your relationship is healthy is a real concern as couples are trying to cope with this crisis. Online Couples Counseling allows people an opportunity to process emotions and to grow and evolve together. As long as there’s love and commitment, there’s always hope that your marriage can grow stronger.

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