The holiday season often brings stress and an array of demands. But with some practical tips you can prevent holiday stress and enjoy the holidays with your partner.

Avoid setting unrealistic expectations 
We tend to over-idealize the holidays, which only leads to disappointment. Holidays are difficult and they don’t have to be perfect—if you have a gift in mind do not set your partner up for failure-let them know what you want..

Disconnect from your devices 
Try not to check emails or social media so you can carve out quality time with your partner.

Always approach family events as a team 
Make sure you are putting your own family first- Dealing with In-laws can be stressful…Your partner needs to know that you are committed and they are the priority

Create a budget together 
Make sure your finances are not stressing you out- Discuss in advance how much you want to spend on each other and family so you are both on the same page.

Avoid Arguments 
We all have arguments but the holidays can add more stress to our relationship. It’s important to discuss disagreements and work them out. Make sure you don’t hold grudges or allow distance to separate you.

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