Why would you need to flirt with your partner? The deal’s been sealed, right?

Most couples forget how to flirt with each other but this is a really important step in keeping the romance alive.

Remember the fun that you used to have flirting with each other and the intimacy that it used to lead up to?


Here is relationship advice on how to bring flirting back into your healthy relationship: 
• Dress the part: no one feels like flirting (or being flirted with) in a robe and slippers. Pretend that you are dressing up for a blind. date – put on something that makes you feel attractive, spray on some perfume/cologne and spare no effort to feel and look your best.

• No distractions: put the kids to bed early, get a babysitter; do whatever it takes to let you focus on each other.

• Be impulsive: try slip some impulsive flirting into your day. No matter how busy you are, there is always time for a quick flirtatious text or email.

• Flirting only please! make sure to flirt and only to flirt. Don’t complain about your busy day or add in a reminder about your daughter’s school play. Keep it just about the two of you.

• Make it exciting: role play a chance meeting in a bar, be suggestive, find creative ways to flirt, seduce and tease.

Don’t hold back in bringing romance and flirtation back into your healthy relationship. You’ll find that it takes your relationship (no matter how long you’ve been together) to a whole new, fresh level.

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