No relationship is perfect.

Every couple bickers, fights, and goes through periods when things aren’t as loving as usual. Yet, when is it too much? When is it time to seek professional help?

The right answer varies from couple to couple, of course, but there are certain signs that indicate you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling. Read on to learn about five of them!

  1. You’re Not Communicating

Communication is essential to working through and solving problems, so if you and your partner have gotten to the point where you barely speak anymore, it’s time to consider counseling.

Having a third person to help guide you and your partner in your interactions will not only make you feel more comfortable opening up, but it can also help you find new ways of communicating with each other.

  1. You’re Having the Same Fights Over and Over Again

If you and your partner are getting caught up and stuck in the same fight, you need to understand the underlying reasons for this and make changes.

You want to learn what’s triggering you and your partner and go deeper together to try and figure out the source of the issues. To do this, it is best to get professional help.

  1. You’re Living Two Separate Lives

It’s perfectly healthy to have your own personal life even when you are in a relationship. However, that’s different from having completely separate lives.

If you feel like the partnership and companion you once found on each other is gone or if you feel like you’re slowly going from romantic partners to roommates, visiting a counselor can help you understand what has changed. You can also learn and figure out ways to revive the romance and become a couple again.

  1. You’re Contemplating Having an Affair

Whether you’re just thinking about it or you are already having an affair, this means one thing: something isn’t right with your current relationship. However, and as you probably know an affair won’t solve anything.

Speaking with a marriage counselor will help you understand why things aren’t going well and work on ways to repair the relationship.  

  1. You Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything to Save the Relationship

Trying solution after solution and not seeing any difference in your relationship? It can be emotionally exhausting and eventually, there comes a time when you have to understand issues on a deeper level with your partner to make shifts and changes in the relationship. This is when professional help is the best way to go.

It’s important not to let it come to the point when too there is too much resentment and you have no more energy to work on your relationship.

The Power of Couples Counseling

Every couple goes through rough times and knowing when to say “We need help” isn’t only a smart move, but an extremely necessary one as well. 

You want to make sure that issues don’t grow into resentment and take on a life of their own making it more difficult to move forward in the relationship. 

Online Therapy

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