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Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year set aside to celebrate love.  Couples all around spend lots of time stressing and planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for their partner.  Sure Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to lavish your partner with gifts, however it should not be a stressful occasion. We are all feeling stressed about coronavirus, but it’s important to try and carve out time and enjoy this day of celebrating love with your partner.

I’m sure by now you’ve already started planning how to spend Valentine’s Day during the pandemic with your partner. 

Here are a few suggestions on ways to celebrate Valentines Day during a pandemic. 

1- Plan a romantic dinner– Make your partners favorite dish at home. You can even try to replicate a fancy restaurant dish by doing internet research. recreate your first date.

2- Pamper your partner– light candles, draw a bubble bath and take turns giving each other a back massage.

3- Get creative with personalized gifts – write a heartfelt love poem or a love letter to your sweetie.

4- Cuddle up and watch a romantic movie-Research a list of romantic flicks for Valentine’s day and pick one with your partner.

5- Play a favorite board game or grab a deck of cards-there are many benefits to playing games which can help strengthen your relationship.

Make this Valentine’s Day spectacular but remember couples need to express their love everyday not just this one special day.

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