Anger is a healthy human emotion and a natural response to situations that hurt us. Anger is actually a very useful emotion that enables a person to identify things that matter to them. But if you have difficulty managing your anger it can be damaging. When you hold anger back and allow it to fester or lash out and attack others, it can lead to unnecessary chaos in your life and/or relationships.

People place greater personal and professional demands on you. And with these demands come more opportunities for anger. Anger Management Support Groups helps you learn how to use anger in a beneficial way, so it does not create havoc in your life if uncontrolled.

Anger Management Groups provide an opportunity for participants to feel connected and supported, while realizing that they are not alone in controlling their anger. In a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere group members are able to share experiences, strategies, and resources that will be helpful in managing anger effectively. It also allows individuals to see others who are getting better, which instills hope and provides an opportunity to learn from watching others who are struggling with similar problems related to anger.

There are many benefits to an Anger Management Group; of which include how to:  

  1. Identify your anger style of anger expression
  2. Identify your anger triggers
  3. Figure out what is really causing your anger
  4. Implement powerful strategies on how to prevent anger episodes in your personal and professional relationships
  5. Express anger in a way that leads to constructive conversation
  6. Eliminate angry outbursts and manage conflict through a productive and relaxed manner.
  7. Apply cognitive techniques to establish boundaries on controlling and managing your anger in your relationship and actions.

If you are having difficulty containing or managing your anger in your professional life or with personal relationships CONTACT US HERE to learn more about our virtual 6-week Anger Management Support Groups.

The goal of our six-week Anger Management Support Groups is to help you express anger in a healthier way. We approach the group from a psychodynamic and cognitive perspective. First, we identify feelings that trigger anger and delve deeper into understanding the feelings underneath the anger. Second, we focus on learning major cognitive techniques and strategies on how to manage your anger.

Our Bonus: You will receive an audio recording and powerpoint at the end of the six-week group. When you feel stuck in an anger episode, you can listen to the audio as many times necessary to help control and manage your anger.