My Background

Rachel Moheban Wachtel, LCSW-R

Rachel Moheban, LCSW-R

For two decades, I have been dedicated to helping individuals and couples heal from pain holding them back from reaching their full potential and enjoying life. I partner with my clients to help them achieve intimacy, satisfaction and success in their relationships and lives.

As early as age 12, I knew becoming a therapist was my calling. I’ve always had an innate curiosity in how people become who they are and how their pain, challenges and expectations form and change them. I’m incredibly passionate about seeing people have a deeper understanding of what they’ve experienced or are experiencing, and move towards positive change and healing. I have a passion for helping people evolve and guiding them towards their healing so they could live their best life.

I followed my passion and graduated from New York University with a master’s degree in Social Work. My specialties are Couples/Marital Counseling, Premarital CounselingDivorce Counseling and Anxiety Disorders.

I am a multilingual therapist, offering sessions in Spanish, Hebrew and Farsi

My Approach:

It’s important to find the right therapist fit. My approach is humanistic and highly interactive—in other words, I do not sit back quietly. Instead, I engage with my clients constantly giving them active feedback and helping them develop skills. I believe establishing a non-judgmental environment and actively offering feedback and guidance is essential to the healing process.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

I have extensive post-graduate training in various modalities and couples and marital programs, including Emotional Focused Therapy, Imago Therapy and Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP). These research based modalities  are known to help increase communication, help couples connect and improve emotional attachment. EFT is generally considered to be successful in showing a significant increase in empathy behavior in couples. EFT helps individuals increase awareness of their emotional experience and transform unhelpful emotions. Imago relationship therapy (IRT) aims to equip couples with the tools necessary to relate to each other in healthier ways, and reveal the emotional pathway formed in childhood that led them to their current situation.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy, during which clients and therapists works as a team to identify and solve problems. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a scientifically tested form of psychotherapy that is effective for many different disorders and problems. CBT is a solution-focused approach to treatment, oriented toward solving problems and learning skills.

Divorce and Family Mediator

As a trained Divorce and Family Mediator where as a neutral third party, I meet with you and your spouse to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce. As a Divorce and Family Mediator, I serve as a facilitator to help you and your spouse figure out what’s best. This process is much preferred and less expensive than a court trial or series of hearings. It allows you and your spouse to arrive at a resolution based on your own ideas of what is fair in your situation instead of having a solution imposed on you. This process also helps to improve communication between you and your spouse helping you avoid future conflicts and is also always in the best interest of children.

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Drawing from these and other approaches, I will collaborate with you to break out of negative patterns and habits.

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, you can learn new, healthier ways of coping. If you are navigating relationship issues, I can help you and your partner work on developing greater empathy, deeper understanding and effective communication. In every case, you can gain insight into your behavior and positively change the dynamics in your relationships and life.

The therapeutic process can be an extraordinary experience, allowing you to discover the self-healing power of the mind. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of individuals grow more conscious as they work through challenges, achieve goals, deepen their relationships and redesign their lives. With compassionate support and new awareness, you can enjoy the personal and marital satisfaction you deserve.

Corporate Counseling and Training

I am certified in Critical Incident Stress Management and have worked for over 20 years as a consultant and trainer for various corporations. During periods of crisis, I provide group and individual counseling on site to employees and managers on grief, trauma and work-related issues.

Premarital and Marital E-Course for Couples

I created a self-study audio program for couples and singles called the “Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program.”

This self-help audio program can transform your relationship through a combination of psycho-education, proactive skills and proven techniques. From the comfort of your home or car, or even while exercising, you can use this self-help audio tool kit to make immediate, positive changes in your relationship. You can learn how to effectively navigate and manage the five most common issues that arise in relationships: communication, anger, money, physical and emotional intimacy.

More information about The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program »

“Rachel is a true expert with an amazing energy and knowledge base. Her creativity, supportive nature and incredible authentic personality makes for a perfect environment to transform your relationship. Her dedication and passion alone will move you forward!”


“Rachel Moheban is one of THE best couples/individual therapists I know. My husband and I initially went to her to talk about the most common pitfalls of marriage and how we can be proactive about them. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but she has changed our lives by changing our mindset to be more aware of our actions and taught us how to better communicate with each other. We are closer and understand each other on a much deeper level because of Rachel.”


“Rachel Moheban-Wachtel is a warm and engaging therapist. Rachel has helped me and my husband to communicate better and we now have a much stronger relationship.”


“Rachel helped me work through my depression following my break up with my long-term girlfriend. She helped me understand my brain and emotions and I am much better able to manage my feelings. She is a very engaged and invested therapist and always gives helpful feedback.”


“Rachel helped guide me through ending an abusive relationship. She was extremely supportive and empathetic to my situation. I highly recommend her for counseling.”

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