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About Rachel Moheban-Wachtel, Licensed Psychotherapist

Individual and Couples Therapist

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel gleaned two things from her life and those around her—a curiosity for the way people related to each other and a discovery of the self-healing power of the mind. This inquisitiveness inspired her to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University. It was not long before Rachel’s gift for providing humanistic therapy made her one of the most sought after psychotherapists in New York City.

What these fortunate clients experience is a warm, dynamic exchange between client and therapist. Rachel removes her clients’ trepidations with engaging interaction that arrives at the heart of their problems and unearths their unfulfilled dreams. Non-judgmental feedback and individualized psychodynamic techniques empower clients to conquer anxiety disorders and depression. Individual therapy is not the only thing driving Rachel’s thriving therapy practice. Top law firms, advertising firms, banks and nonprofit organizations request Rachel Moheban-Wachtel’s corporate counseling services. Even with this success, Rachel’s experiences as a couples therapist and her growing clientele of dating, married and same sex couples prompted the development of her next service.

After practicing therapy for two decades, Rachel began to notice couples—whether they were dating or married—were missing a key ingredient to creating and sustaining rewarding relationships. She realized couples needed proactive relationship coaching that provided psycho-education, skills, strategies and techniques to address the common issues such as communication problems, physical intimacy, anger and money that come up in relationships. Individuals and couples needed a safe place to get to the root of their problems and transform their relationships while learning in the comfort of their own homes. They needed the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. This technologically advanced relationship audio program and E-course serves as prevention and intervention by addressing the five underlying issues that trigger common arguments that plague couples.

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Rachel also provides workshops and in-person mastermind groups on how to launch and develop a private practice in a busy competitive marketplace.

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