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7 Ways to Support your Partner Who is Suffering from Anxiety

When your partner is suffering from anxiety it can have an impact on you and your relationship. Living with someone who suffers from anxiety can be challenging and the process takes time and patience.

The Secret to Having the Perfect Wedding

Pick a date….CHECK!
Choose the perfect dress….CHECK!
Reserve the reception hall….CHECK!
The perfect wedding is important.

4 Tips for Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

You’re just so busy, busy … BUSY! The relationship you have with your partner is and should be more important than anything else in your life. However, due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you take your partner for granted. And before you know it, your needs aren’t being met, and neither are the needs of your partner.

Budget Care for Newlyweds

As much as a couple in starry-eyed love may want to shout to each other and the world that money doesn’t matter, the truth is that finances become an issue, at some point or another, in all long-term relationships. Knowing this from the onset of a serious relationship will allow you to keep this particular issue under control before it grows into a big, ugly monster.

5 Tips to Improve Resiliency and Endure Anxiety

Resilience means being able to adapt to life’s stressors, misfortunes and challenges. Some people don’t respond well to stress and feel overwhelmed turning to alcohol, substance abuse and other unhealthy coping mechanisms. When you are resilient you are able to access your inner strength that helps you recover from a setback or adversity in your life. 

5 Tips for Dealing with a Depressed Partner

When your partner is suffering from depression it can impact you and
your relationship. Living with someone who suffers from depression can be challenging and the process takes time and patience.

The Hard Road Back From Infidelity

As a couple therapist who has worked with many couples over the years on rebuilding their marriages after an affair, I highly recommend this recent article from the New York Times “The Hard Road Back From Infidelity” written by Jane Brody.

Breakup Advice: How To Cope And Move On

Breakups can be difficult depending on the length of the relationship and how serious it was. The thoughts and feelings that people generally experience may be feelings of loss, rejection, detection, sadness, anger and other feelings that are associated with the mourning process.

What’s The difference between Romantic Attraction and Committed Love?

We all want to revel in the Romantic Love Stage of our relationships. We crave that passionate, intense energy because it feeds us and makes us feel alive. This is how we identify love. We fear that we have fallen out of love when that energy fades. Believe it or not, the fire felt during […]

Six Common Thinking Errors and How to Manage Them

Thinking errors are irrational patterns of thinking that impair judgment and cause you to feel stressed and anxious. To break this unhealthy cycle, you need to learn how to identify your thinking errors and challenge them with logical and rational self talk. Our self-talk guides us on our perspective on life and the way we interact with others.