Are you experiencing or relating to the following:

Are you not feeling complete with the past
or still suffering from a past relationship?

Are you unavailable or attracted to unavailable people?

Do you have unresolved issues that you need to work on?

Do you need to shift and learn how you could
show up, that will create a very different experience?

Do you need an Action Plan in meeting people, and what you could do differently to meet interesting new people?

Here’s everything you’ll get with your
1:1 Relationship Breakthrough Session

  • A PRE-SESSION QUESTIONNAIRE AND QUIZ that will help you get clear on your goals and that I will review carefully so we can use our time most effectively.
  • 45 MINUTES OF DEDICATED, ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH ME where you will benefit from my laser focused on Relationship therapy and relationship coaching expertise. I will provide you with astounding insights and guidance, transforming how you perceive and behave in your relationships. You will feel supported and inspired regarding your life…in ways you have never experienced before.
  • A SIMPLE AND EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN loaded with unique and personally designed next steps that will keep you moving toward becoming more conscious and attracting the love of your life. I use my broad knowledge base and resources to formulate an action plan to YOUR specific needs.I will help you identify your BLIND SPOT and what is holding you back and keeping you in this stagnant place in your relationship…you will get a very clear idea of how to move forward and action plan to help you start shifting things in your life.
  • FOLLOW-UP EMAIL SUPPORT TO ENSURE ACCOUNTABILITY. You will be given access to my private email account so you can send me a progress report within a week of your Breakthrough Session. This accountability keeps you on track with your goals and kicks you into ACTION MODE!This is a vital step in the process because all change and growth includes some resistance…and this follow-up contact is a powerful way to reinforce all the new information.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: FREE AUDIO RECORDING {MP3} of our call so you can listen to and review our session any time you need to. It also allows you to stay focused and engaged in our conversation, relieving you of having to take notes on all the important information I will be sharing with you.
  • RECEIVE THIS ADDITIONAL SPECIAL AUDIO BONUS: A FREE MP3 of ‘Miracles Happen: How to Attract the Love of Your Life’ which will give you a blueprint for finding the love you’ve been looking for. You can listen to the rich content over and over in the privacy of your home or office.

Rich opportunities await you when you are ready to let the past be in the past and move forward into the future with deliberate intention.

When you join me for your 1:1 Relationship Breakthrough Session
We Will Focus on 4 Specific Ways to Begin Your Journey:

  1. Identify and work through the blocks that are preventing you from finding your divine right love-relationship.
  2. Learn the secrets to working with the universe to find your true love.
  3. Develop new tools, strategies and techniques to find Mr./Ms. You-Are-the-One.
  4. Create an action plan and begin to attract your soul mate now!

You’ll be shocked and excited to learn just how easy it will be to put into action…and you’ll actually be INSPIRED to do so! Grow more conscious and allow me to help you create shifts and show you the fastest and easiest pathway to YOUR Relationship success!

Investment in YOUR
Relationship Breakthrough: $197

Your Key to a Relationship Breakthrough

Due to my schedule I am able to offer a limited number of these Breakthrough Sessions per month. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get my personal guidance so we can have you moving into a more conscious relationship!

How It All Works…

  1. Start by purchasing your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.
  2. Once your payment has been received you will be emailed a PRE-SESSION QUESTIONNAIRE and Singles Quiz that will give me the information I need to guide and support you during our call together.
  3. Once your questionnaire has been received we will SCHEDULE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.
  4. At your scheduled time, WE MEET ON THE PHONE for 45 minutes. Fear starts to dissolve! Major breakthroughs occur! Inspiration abounds!
  5. Within two business days of our session I will email you a PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN that will include my impressions, suggestions, and the tips, tools, and resources that I believe will MOST benefit you on your next steps to attracting your Divine Right Relationship. You will also receive the audio file of our session.
  6. Next, start to IMPLEMENT YOUR ACTION PLAN and create miracles by attracting the love of your life.
  7. You will email me a brief Relationship REPORT on a pre-determined day {typically in about a week}, which provides accountability to your goals, celebrates your progress, and is a personal check-in with me in case you have any further questions.

Book Your Session TODAY!

Investment in YOUR
Relationship Breakthrough: $197