Building Communication Skills For Couples Group

Love & the Art of Listening:

  • Would you like to improve your communication and develop deeper understanding with your partner? 
  • Are you ready to engage openly with your partner instead of feeling on the defensive?
  • Do you struggle to assert yourself, talk about sensitive topics and get vulnerable with your partner? 

In Our Six-Week Group You will Learn:

Communication Skills for couples, The Relationship Suite, New York

  • Proven interactive techniques to build a solid communication foundation with your partner
  • How to implement powerful communication tools that will prevent misunderstandings and de-escalate conflicts in your relationship
  • Strategies that will help you improve how to talk with your partner so you can both feel heard
  • How to bring up and talk about sensitive topics using a positive lens
  • How to stop talking in circles, break negative patterns and problem solve through productive conversations


CONTACT US HERE if you are interested in joining our Building Communication Skills for Couples Group

Our Six-Week Building Communication Skills for Couples Group will help to ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying long term partnership. Even the happiest couples experience stress and conflict, and it’s important to learn how to deal with these issues constructively. The goal of the group is to identify and address any areas of communication issues in your relationship and teach partners effective ways to process feelings, be vulnerable together and discuss sensitive issues.

Inspired by the latest research, we will teach you effective exercises to learn how to communicate with your partner. We are passionate to help couples develop communication and conflict resolution skills. It’s important to learn how to implement communication tools in order to nurture and maintain an intimate and healthy relationship.

In a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere the group offers an opportunity for participants to feel connected, share experiences, strategies, and resources that will be helpful in building communication skills.

Bonus: You will receive an audio recording and powerpoint at the end of the six week group. When you feel stuck and are having difficulty communicating in your relationship, you can listen to the audio as many times necessary to practice strategies on how to communicate effectively.

CONTACT US HERE if you are interested in joining our  Building Communication Skills for Couples Group