Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be mind-readers? Wouldn’t it make life and relationships just that much more open and honest?

Although, if you’ve ever seen that movie “What Women Want”(where an infamous bachelor is able to hear every women’s thought to the point of driving him crazy) I think you would answer a resounding “NO” to the above questions.

Whether reading minds would be a good or bad thing is pretty irrelevant, as this is not a skill that any of us have in the real world.

But sometimes, in relationships, it really would be quite useful for us to be able to read our partner’s mind and vice versa, as couples generally aren’t able to accurately express their thoughts and feelings.

But if your partner can’t read your mind, and you do not express your feelings, how can you resolve issues and strengthen your relationship?

The answer is: This is not possible

Only through open and honest communication, you can achieve this. By telling your partner what it is that is important to you and what it is that you want and feel, he/she becomes equipped to act on this and for you both to work out any issues in your relationship.

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