Is Something Amiss When There’s Not Always Pre-Wedding Bliss?

Most couples experience conflict in the weeks (and even months!) building up to their nuptials. The pre-wedding stress coupled with the anticipation of a brand-new life ahead often leads to friction. And what’s more, in our human way, engaged couples often have unrealistic expectations of perfection and fairytale romance for their engagement period, which, when not always met, results in disappointment and blame.Here are some tips on how to minimize, pre-wedding friction.

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Budget Care for Newlyweds

As much as a couple in starry-eyed love may want to shout to each other and the world that money doesn’t matter, the truth is that finances become an issue, at some point or another, in all long-term relationships. Knowing this from the onset of a serious relationship will allow you to keep this particular issue under control before it grows into a big, ugly monster.

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