Learn How Your Church Can Save Time, Money, and Marriages with
The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital/Marital Program

I highly recommend Rachel Moheban’s Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program for both married couples and as a premarital program. The program provides five insightful audio sessions on Communication, Anger, Money, Physical Intimacy, and Emotional Intimacy for those who want to increase self-understanding and strengthen their relationships. She effectively combines advice from relationship experts (such as Hendricks, Gottmann, and McCarthy) with her own unique insights and illustrations from her extensive counseling experience. The accompanying workbooks provide a verbatim script of the audio for those who want to follow along while listening to Rachel’s teaching, which includes motivating visualizations and thought-provoking exercises related to each topic.
Jane P. Ives
Marriage and Family Ministries Consultant
United Methodist General Board of Discipleship

Premarital and Marital counseling is essential for strengthening the bond between a couple before and during their marriage. Some Churches even require that couples attend premarital counseling before marrying in their church.

However, with all of the wonderful activities already performed within the church, time and resources are often times scarce and it becomes difficult to offer member’s ongoing premarital/marital enrichment even if they have completed the Churches premarital courses. The Relationship Suite has a deep commitment to helping couples build and sustain a fulfilling life-long relationship.  The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital and Marital Program is an uplifting and dynamic counseling system that can be used in any marriage enrichment setting. The Program is designed to assist the biblical foundation of marriage provided through your church and dives into the five common issues that plague even the happiest couples. Even if you already have a premarital and/or marital program in place, this has proven to be an excellent accompaniment to your existing counseling.

This audio program with accompanying workbook allows you to provide effective counseling for the couple to complete on their own (perfect for those with busy schedules or those with distance challenges—such as military families).

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital/Marital Program includes Five Audio Counseling Sessions and a Downloadable Workbook complete with Action Sheets and Exercises. The audio sessions cover:

  1. Strategies for Communicating Effectively with your Partner
  2. Strategies for Resolving Money Conflicts with your Partner
  3. Strategies for Managing Anger in your Relationship
  4. Strategies for Enhancing Physical Intimacy in your Relationship
  5. Strategies for Deepening Emotional Intimacy in your Relationship

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital/Marital Program Church Fundraising

Each purchase of the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital Program by a couple in your church will earn a donation for your church. The program costs $139.99 per couple, a valuable investment, and 50% of this cost will be donated back to the church. There is no obligation on your part; the money is paid in full by the couple directly to us, and we provide the donation back to the church.

How do you get started?

  • We’ll provide you with a description and special website link for promoting the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital/Marital Program through your church bulletins, your website, during services, or any other means of communication you use.
  • Once a couple purchases the counseling kit, you will receive instant notification and your donation check will arrive within 4 weeks.

While our program has no specific religious content, you will find it completely compatible with Christian teaching and easily enhanced by religious language, Scripture, and prayers suitable for your congregation.