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Invisible walls can form between even the happiest couples after the thrill of the first kiss has long faded. Communication problems turn harmless conversations into shouting matches. Couples, starving for physical intimacy, lie awake unsure of how to ask for it. The mere mention of money threatens to upset the delicate balance of relationships under financial stress.

Making up is great. But no one is going forward, or growing together.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program


Put the joy back into your relationship.

Resolve life challenges with more peace, and love more deeply.



This first-of-its-kind coaching program, comprised of five teleclasses (a live interactive workshop that is conducted over the telephone), brings accelerated relationship therapy into the comfort of your home with developmental exercises, quick focus tools and a MP3 chronicling the skills learned during your visit. The days of tackling your relationship problems one-by-one are over.
Rachel will teach you how to approach the five common issues that plague even the happiest couples. You will learn how to communicate without dictating or sacrificing your needs; express anger to grow your relationship without destroying it; reclaim and sustain physical intimacy to nurture your bond and end financial strife to find money harmony and develop a deeper connection through emotional intimacy.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program – THE KEYS FOR RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS

Suite 101 – Communicate without dictating or sacrificing your needsSuite 102 – Avoid the money trap

Suite 103 – Manage anger, so it doesn’t control you

Suite 104 – Check in for physical intimacy and never check out

Suite 105 – Develop deeper connections through emotional intimacy

Individual packages are available upon request

Transform your arguments into relationship-building discussions with the communication and problem solving techniques from The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program …


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