“Rachel Moheban is one of THE best couples/individual therapists I know. My husband and I initially went to her to talk about the most common pitfalls of marriage and how we can be proactive about them. Of course no relationship is perfect but she has changed our lives by changing our mindset to be more aware of our actions and taught us how to better communicate with each other. We are closer and understand each other on a much deeper level because of Rachel.” Sharon D.


You know the perfect match is waiting for you, so you travel to countless bars and dating sites to find that special someone as relationship advice echoes in your brains.

The relationship of your dreams is out there.

But you will not find it with the invisible walls–insecurity, demanding career, childhood issues, or a string of bad relationships–standing in your way.

Visit The Relationship Suite for a road map that will lead you to your soul’s desires and your soul mate. Rachel will prepare you for love by helping you identify what stands in the way of meeting the love of your life, challenge you to break counterproductive habits that trap you in the aimless dating cycle and provide the skills and tools to reenter the dating scene with confidence and intention.


Suite 201 – Envision your ideal partner and life to unlock the door to happinessSuite 202 – Remove self-destructive thoughts and dating habits

Suite 203 – Banish insecurity and emotional clutter forever

Suite 204 – Discover social and dating skills

Suite 205 – Set yourself apart in a sea of singles

Suite 206 – Know when your date is relationship material

Individual packages are available upon request