The Ultimate Relationship Group Training for Corporations

There is a major connection between happy
relationships/marriages and a thriving workplace

The Ultimate Relationship Group Training is designed for corporations to support, value, and nurture healthy relationships among its employees. Facilitated by leading New York City Psychotherapist Rachel Moheban-Wachtel,LCSW, this training addresses and assists common issues employees struggle with that negatively affect the workplace. Left untreated, these issues can quickly turn into serious health concerns such as increased stress and anxiety, increased rates of depression, and increased rates of substance abuse. These health issues cost companies in higher insurance premiums and healthcare expenditures.

In these intimate group-training sessions, employees will learn:

  • Self-discovery techniques
  • How to create more satisfying relationships
  • The process for letting go of old hurts and old ways of being in relationships
  • How to resolve long standing conflicts
  • New relationship skills for better communication and connection
  • How to create more fun, passion, romance, intimacy and connection
  • How to create a healthy environment for children
  • A clear Personal Growth Plan based on these new insights
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Employees will be able to raise their concerns relating to their relationship/marriage and receive laser coaching and benefit from their colleagues feedback/questions via a group setting.

People: 15-20 Participants
Time: 90 minutes

Rachel is also available to provide lunch and learns and other training on topics such as: Anger, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Stress.