Our Topic this week is Dating after a Divorce.

Maryanne writes: I’m recently divorced and just started dating. I met a man who is also recently divorced and we really hit it off. The problem is that I feel so insecure about moving forward and if his intentions are just to have fun or to date more seriously. I want to ask him, but don’t want to seem needy. Any relationship advice?

While it’s scary to date again after a divorce, it’s very important to protect yourself and be honest by asking him what he is looking for in his dating life- something serious, or casual? It’s not “too soon” to have this talk, and you can avoid arguments and protect yourself by getting the answer to this critical question.

You also want to make sure that you are focusing on your own emotions—how ready are you to move into a serious relationship? What are you looking for in this next relationship? Try to be as self-reflective as you can and make sure you have learned the important lessons from your marriage and other relationships as you want to make sure you move into a more evolved relationship with someone who values you.

Thank you, Maryanne for sending in your question.
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