Erica Writes: I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago and recently have been dating quite a bit. However, every time I meet someone I like and we get close he pushes me away after 3-4months and I end up getting very hurt.  This has become a pattern in my life-can you please give me relationship advice?

Erica, you need to figure out if you are indeed ready for a relationship

  1. If you are, then focus on how you are behaving with these guys you are dating and what they are telling you through their actions and signals.
  2. It seems that you may be attracting men with commitment issues and could be missing the signs.  Men give off plenty of signs within the first 3 months of dating.  The issue could be with them, not you.
  3. Dating is not just about going out—it is important to pay attention to how the guy you are seeing is acting with you. Is he behaving in ways you like? Does he have traits you admire? Dating is a skill where you learn about people and what you will settle for and will not settle for and it can also teach you a lot about yourself and your needs—sometimes the universe even sends us challenging situations and people that test us so that we are forced to grow and learn about ourselves. If we are willing to do the work, this ultimately helps us evolve and choose better people for us.

Best Wishes to you Erica. And for all of you watching feel free to email me at if you want me to answer any relationship questions.

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