We all come with a history. It exists and both you and your partner ultimately bring your histories with you into your relationship. But do you let the past trespass on your relationship present?

It’s impossible to completely wipe the slate clean when starting a new relationship, as much as we’d all like to. We all come with the baggage of past experiences, such as ex-relationships, unresolved emotions, childhood fears, etc..

Our pasts define us to some extent but if these experiences will only harm our relationships, we need to deal with any unresolved issues at the start of a relationship, to make sure that they do not infringe on a new relationship. Obviously the way to do this depends on the severity of the issue.

Some issues may be easily resolved by, for example, stopping to communicate with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, while others may be more complicated and require individual or couples’ counseling. Nip the past in the bud and work to make your budding relationship blossom.

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