Everyone has his or her individual communication style, especially when it comes to arguing.

It’s not uncommon for someone to tell their partner in the heat of an argument “I hate you,” or that they “want a divorce” even when they don’t mean it.

What happens after the heat of the moment has passed?

Damaging statements can have lingering damage to the trust, commitment, and intimacy of a relationship.

You can let it go but your partner might not be able to. Those harsh words said in fits of anger linger.

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Action Tip: Your partner needs to hear how hurtful the words are for him/her and how much power they have. They need to be made aware of the invisible scars that the words leave every time they argue. You may need time to build trust again with your partner.

During an argument, you might want to count to ten before saying something you regret. Or, it is a wise idea for both people to call for a temporary separation and agree to speak again at a designated time.

Learning anger management strategies and using them when things escalate during an argument can prevent a lot of these statements.

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