Has a recent affair broken your relationship trust?

Although things may feel shaky right now, all is not lost!

For couples ready to rebuild your relationship after an affair, do these 3 things to help your partner feel safe as you build trust.

  • Be an open book.

Privacy is important, but during this time, your partner’s feeling of safety is more important. Example: If you are on your phone or computer, let them see what you are doing and even give them permission to check on their own. This makes them feel safe and reassured that you will put in effort to consider their feelings. 

  • Travel together as much as possible.

Don’t travel alone with friends unless it’s for business. Only travel with your partner at this time unless it’s for professional reasons. And when you’re away, check in regularly and let them know how and what you are doing.

  • Be open and available to process with them.

Spend as much time with your partner discussing deeper reasons for having the affair.

You don’t have to do these things forever, but these 3 actions can rebuild trust and re-establish safety in your relationship during this sensitive time.

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