Infidelity. The ultimate relationship betrayal.

In one moment (or several, depending on the situation), one partner has taken years (or months or decades) of trust crumpled it up, and thrown it in the trashcan.

Note: I said the trashcan, not the paper shredder. And this is relevant because…

Infidelity does not ALWAYS mean the death of a relationship.

If the couple (or at least to start off if at least one half of the couple) wants to make it work, it can be done.

This definitely means investing a lot of time and a lot of hard work to smooth out the creases and crumples. And even once the couple seems to have worked it all out on the surface, at a closer look, the creases may never completely disappear.

Time, tears, and lots of talking later, the couple will (hopefully) find themselves back on track. The relationship will probably be different to how it was before – not necessarily not as strong – just…different.

And what probably takes the longest to rekindle in a relationship after infidelity is intimacy. Ghosts of the ‘cheater’s’ past seem to linger longest in the bedroom.

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