Life throws curveballs sometimes. The glitches that can hit everyday healthy relationships can include illness, financial issues, infertility, the death of a close friend or family member or any of a long list of localized problems.

While undeniably very difficult things to deal with, these situations put you and your partner at a crossroads of sorts. You can choose to give up, to blame or to be angry – all natural reactions. You can also choose to take the more difficult but more rewarding path. That is to face life head-on and to cherish the thread of good through it all.

Take into account that the decision of how to handle your partner in relation to this challenge can and will affect your relationship for better or for worse for the rest of your lives.

You still have each other. Staying committed to your partner through hard times is key in overcoming challenges. Use that and allow it to be your strength.


Here’s relationship advice on ways to cope through the hard times:

▪ Write a list of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place. Share your lists with each other.
▪ Spend an appointed amount of time each week, on a set day, and make room for connection
▪ Face each day with optimism. Express gratitude and share with each other one good thing that is going on.
▪ Find a helpful support group if necessary. Discuss if it would be best for you to attend separately or as a couple.

Make each day be for growth, closeness and love.

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