The older you get and the more responsibilities that you pick up along the way usually cause the loss of something that the young and carefree take for granted..the art of having fun.

This is something that is always within us, which means that even if daily life takes over, there should always be room for fun.

This especially rings true in a is so important for couples to laugh together and to enjoy each other’s company.

In case your relationship has reached a ‘funless’ existence, here are some ways to bring the fun back into your relationship:

  • Stop being so serious – yes, life and its responsibilities are to be taken seriously, but there should always be time to kick back, relax and have a good time…together!
  • Be silly – don’t lose the child within you. Have a pillow fight, put on some music from your teenage years and dance, do whatever it takes to feel carefree and to laugh together
  • Go out in search of fun – whether fun to you and your partner is to go out partying, or even simply to go to a movie and buy a huge box of popcorn, do it! Make this something that you do on a regular basis.

How do you and your partner have fun together? Would love to hear some inspirational stories.

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