Prenuptial agreements are increasingly growing more popular regardless of age and income. With the alarming reality that 50% of marriages end in divorce, people are anxious and want to ensure that they are safe in marriage. The result has been a steady increase in the number of couples drafting prenuptial agreements. However, it’s not necessarily an easy thing to arrange between partners. They can be quite tricky and lead to contention, even break-ups. A partner might feel the future is doomed even before they enter it.

You may be concerned if for example you worked hard to buy a home and put a lot of money to fix it up before your fiancé moves in? This causes anxiety for many as they are aware of friends and family who ended up divorcing. So, how do you tell your partner you want a prenuptial agreement without upsetting them?

Here are some suggestions in approaching your partner:

  • Presentation is critical. You want to gently explain that prenuptial agreements are very common and serve to address unease that couples have when they are of unequal financial standing. By doing so, prenuptial’s can contribute to a more harmonious marriage. This will prevent any potential future conflicts and build a stronger relationship and financial security.
  • Fair Agreement: Make sure your partner feels you are proposing a fair agreement. It’s important your partner understands as part of the prenup they will get reimbursed according to their percentage of any contribution they make to your assets.
  • No Family Members: Hiring lawyers that are family members can cause potential problems. There have been cases where couples invite family members that are lawyers or married to lawyers who want to arrange their prenuptial agreements. It’s well worth paying the higher lawyer fees to make sure family members don’t get involved. 

When the prenuptial is presented, let your partner spend time asking as many questions as they need so they can understand completely all the details involved. Make sure this is balanced with expressing your love, appreciation and devotion to your partner. However, there are cases in which, despite a rational and fair-minded presentation of suggesting a prenup, the partner gets upset and won’t cooperate. Premarital Counseling can assist couples in this situation.

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