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This week’s question comes from Angela and she writes:

Dear Rachel – I am the Vice President of a large company and work long hours as well as travel around the world frequently for conferences. I’m happily married, but don’t see my husband often due to my hectic schedule. In the past few months, I’ve grown close to a co-worker who travels with me. I would never act on anything, but have started to develop feelings for him and am afraid if we get closer I might make a mistake. I can’t not work with this person unless I left my job completely. Do you have any relationship advice on managing my feelings or something that will help me feel closer to my husband while on the road?

You are in a very difficult situation but it’s important to stay connected to your husband in every way you can: text, phone, email, Skype dates, etcetera.

Think about the things you love about your husband and set them as mental reminders everyday. A good exercise is to write a list of 10 reasons you know he’s “the one” and keep it handy.

As far as your co-worker, knowing someone at “work” is far different than knowing someone personally. How that co-worker would behave in an actual relationship is likely much different than you’re imagining or fantasizing.

Keep this in mind as you know your husband well and he makes you happy in many ways. Finding a great partner is not easy, and when you do, nurture and savor it.

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