Are you among the 40 million Americans stuck in a low sex or no sex relationship? Did you know that:

  • 20% of married couples have a no-sex relationship.
  • An additional 15% of married couples have a low-sex relationship.
  • 33% of non-married couples who have been together more than 2 years have a no-sex relationship.

Six Stages of a Relationship

You and your partner progress in stages and with the passage of time things change. And with each stage comes a change in physical intimacy. According to Relationship Expert, Tammy Nelson there are six stages of a relationship.

  1. Romantic Love Stage,
  2. The “Sweatpants: or comfort Stage,
  3. The Conflict of Power Struggle Stage,
  4. Withdrawal Stage,
  5. Sleep Stage and
  6. Waking up Stage.

We all want to revel in the Romantic Love Stage of our relationships. We crave that passionate, intense energy because it feeds us and makes us feel alive. This is how we identify love. We fear that we have fallen out of love when that energy fades. We often say we want to feel like we did when we first got together. Unfortunately, this passionate state doesn’t last forever.

Physical Intimacy Over Time Requires Time and Effort

Relationships are complicated and physical attraction and intimacy after the romantic love state fades requires emotional connection, empathy, respect and communication. It’s hard to maintain sexual attraction over time. But it takes a lot of time and effort. You can slowly make this happen by spending more time together and trying new exercises or activities.

Rekindling Passion in Your Relationship

Here is an exercise you can do with your partner to rediscover hidden passions.  way you can bring passion

Show Your Cards: The way this exercise works is you take two sheets of paper or index cards and write one thing you miss about the Romantic Love Stage, or what you believe your partner is holding back from you. Keep your answer brief, use “I” words, and employ other communication strategies you’ve already learned. Then switch the cards. Here is the trick. Read the cards, but don’t react. Walk away and reflect on why you have not been able to fulfill the desire your partner has written on his or her card.

Has stress, a busy schedule, or fear of doing something new inhibited you from having a more satisfying sex life? After you have reflected on the cards and can speak about it without emotion, talk to your partner and set a course for moving forward in rekindling the passion in your relationship again.

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