Do you remember, once upon a time, when you and your beloved had endless time and energy for romance, meaningful conversations and getting to know one another?  You had time to have fun together and physical and emotional intimacy were nearly effortless.

Chances are that your once-upon-a-time was pre-career advances and pre-financial obligations.  It was also, very likely, pre-commitment.  To decode that, let me put it clearly – when your partner wasn’t such a “sure thing”, you made the effort.

You can reclaim that dreamy bliss by simply going back, in your own mindset, to the time when you would make that effort, come what may.  Every once in a while, pretend that you have no obligations to each other and that you actually need to work at this.  Do you need some extra encouragement?  Well, you don’t want to grow apart, do you?  Not to mention that encounters like this promise great reward.  So it’s time to take this step… 

Plan it out:

  • A creative way of asking him/her out
  • A nice venue
  • Don’t allow distracting topics (home issues) to interrupt your encounter.
  • Make sure you leave yourselves enough time to enjoy…

You owe it to yourselves to plan this well and carry it off with style!

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