Guest Post by: Antonio –

Relationships are coming and going these days and who’s to say if we are taking the right steps in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Of course, there is no better feeling than that of a new love that is full of warm and exciting emotions.  Many couples long to have this back into their lives because it is a time that they felt most alive and needed from their partner.
The feeling of being wanted and adored again by your partner or spouse is like seeking the fountain of youth.  In this case the fountain of love.  As the years go by, we find ourselves asking each other where our love went.  As time goes by, couples are faced with new challenges and experiences in their daily lives and they often forget the meaning of experiencing life together with both eyes facing the same direction.
If you are being faced with a troubled relationship  and you don’t know how to fix it, then understand that you are not alone in this.  Many men and women often face the bitter sweet deal that comes into any relationship.  This can be due to a partner having feelings for someone else, infidelity and a lack attention that you may be receiving from them.  The miscommunication of a failing relationship only gets worse if you do not address it properly.
It doesn’t matter if you are trying to save a relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.  In the long run, the momentum of a relationship changes and you have to be ready to survive the wind of change.  This wind of change occurs quite often in a relationship or marriage and you have to be ready to ride the wind or let it go.  The people whole dismiss the changes that take place in a relationship often lose sight of it and fail in maintaining the longevity that they desire most from it.
Here are some ways on how to save a relationship from falling apart:
·       Never give your partner the upper hand on things.  A successful relationship must be equal and balanced at all times.  This comes from communicating and listening to each other at the same level.  One cannot be talking over the other in a conversation. If this happens, the dialogue will be lost and communication will fail each time.
·       Learn how to increase affection and attention each day by simple touches and gestures. You know, the stuff that makes your partner or spouse smile each time.  Remember that a relationship is like a plant that needs the water of love each and every day.
·       Set your pride and arguments aside by getting to the point in a conversation and move on from it.  There is no need to linger about a specific topic for the length of a week.  This only causes frustration for both couples and it will not end well when emotions finally need to be released.  So don’t keep your emotions and feelings bottled like you have been in the past. Talk about the situation then and there so that you can effectively move on from it.
·       If you can forgive and forget about the past, then you have already made the first step to progression and fulfillment.  From here, you can move on to the next step and level in your relationship. If longevity is key in your relationship, then understand that just leaving things alone will accomplish nothing.  Often times a hand written letter can get the attention from your partner or spouse so that they can get your full attention on the issues at hand.


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