For many busy couples, intimacy issues tend to get pushed aside when there are ten more important issues to deal with in careers, life, and relationships.  It’s easy to let it slip when there aren’t deadlines or other checks and balances that bring intimacy issues into our daily awareness.

Still, intimacy is an integral part of a relationship, so where do you go from here, especially when you’re overtaxed and exhausted?

Schedule it!  This is too important to let it get away!  Take a look at your calendar now and set aside some dates for quality time and send your partner an invite to spend time together alone.  No, this isn’t a crutch for the weak.  This is a tool for busy people that care about their relationships. 

Even when you see each other each night, you or your partner may be too exhausted at the end of the day to deal with making an effort to be close, and would rather catch a few more oh-so-necessary moments of sleep.  Legitimate reason to put off intimacy, but still a problem.  Pinpoint the issues and take care of them.

Too tired and overloaded? 

Make time for a nap or alone time when you get home with a shared understanding that you will be more present in your relationship when you’ve had a chance to decompress.  Maybe while your partner makes dinner, you take a break with the intent to rest, or perhaps cooking is your way to take a break and have some personal time to decompress.  How about bathing the children, if that’s your situation, or taking a bath yourself, while your sweetheart goes for a snooze.  Other options may include rescheduling your day so you actually have some time together on your lunch break or extra time in the morning together… creativity is key. 

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