Relationships are challenging and couples have their ups and downs.

But there has been an added stress placed even on the most stable relationships as a result of the recent quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The uncertainty of the economy and the anxiety related to the situation is causing a lot of tension for couples.

The serious challenges that couples are dealing with such as being confined to small spaces and stuck at home with nowhere to go for hours and hours could either bring them closer to each other or talking about divorce. In China, “which is only just now beginning to come out from under the coronavirus nightmare, more than 300 couples have filed for divorce since February.” Making sure your relationship is healthy is a real concern as couples are trying to react to this new normal.

Virtual Counseling can be a place to deal with issues that may be escalating at this time. Fighting is going to happen when stress is high but in counseling, you can come up with rules on how to fight. Virtual Counseling can provide a venue to get the tools couples need to communicate and work through issues. There are many reasons to embrace virtual counseling as it also allows for flexibility and convenience of scheduling the online sessions. Online counseling can be done from anywhere, any time of the day.

In addition, the relationship with your counselor doesn’t have to be diluted in any way because you are speaking through an online platform. You can experience connection, empathy, support and growth from the comfort of your own homes.Virtual Relationship Counseling can help you and your partner get focused and clear on the areas you are struggling with in your relationship. You receive guidance and insights to help you become more aware of what is causing issues in your relationship so you could make the necessary shifts and changes to improve your relationship.  

Virtual couples counseling can be extremely beneficial during a major crisis allowing couples an opportunity to move forward and continue to grow and evolve. You want to make sure you and your partner are staying connected and supporting each other during this difficult time. 

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