Ever feel like you’re on a totally different page to your partner?

Like you and your loved one just completely don’t understand each other?

Opposites may attract, but once together, these opposites need to find ways for the differences to bind them together instead of pull them apart.

The secret to this lies in one simple word:


Once you’ve mastered the art of compromise, you are well on your way to a peaceful and blissful relationship.

Becoming a master of compromise is no easy feat – it requires a lot of work, patience and empathy from both sides.

You and your partner need to find a middle ground not only in disagreements but even in day-to-day life.

Take Bob and Beth (fictitious characters).

Bob likes to socialize often. Beth prefers to stay home with a movie or a good book. Beth is frustrated that Bob wants to go out with friends every weekend, while she would like some time out for just the two of them.

Where do they meet on this?

They could compromise. Perhaps every alternate weekend they could stay home and enjoy time together?

Compromise is simple to understand in theory but is a lot more challenging to implement.

If you and your partner start off by putting each other’s needs and desires before your own, that is the first step to becoming masters of compromise.

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