Mastermind Groups for Practitioners


Mastermind groups are a group of smart people who meet to work through the challenges and problems they face in their business’s. They support each other, give advice and do business with each other. The group is designed to help you navigate through difficulties using the collective intelligence of the group.

The group will accelerate your business journey and help you build relationships and connections with other professionals. Through the groups collective force, you also learn about your strengths and weakness’s as you help each other succeed in business.




My mastermind groups help you learn how to stand out in a competitive market as you work through your business pain points. Gaining insights, working through blocks and feeling understood by other practitioners allows for the best feedback and growth.

My groups include like minded entrepreneurs who are looking to connect with colleagues and receive the best marketing ideas for your private practice and niche.

The mastermind groups are also invaluable in providing a platform for networking, receiving resources and getting to know your colleagues and their areas of focus.

Since networking is key to developing your business, I specialize in making connections for you, developing potential referral sources and helping you build relationships necessary to grow your business.

Whether you’re just getting started or on your way and just need an extra boost, we’ll formulate the right action plan to help meet your unique goals.

If you want to grow your business, I invite you to call 917-273-8836 for a complementary consultation to learn more about how I can help you.

Here is what people are saying about the group workshops:


“This group is excellent! It has helped me to reassess my practice and own values and begin to make the money I deserve…” Dr. Mcgue:


“Rachel’s groups on how to develop and grow your practice is excellent. It is filled with useful information and resources. She has helped me to change my mindset and charge the fees I deserve.” Candice K.


“This groups program is perfect for someone who is working on building a private practice. Rachel has helped me identify my specialty and I have learned both how to market my practice both online and offline. I highly recommend taking this group business program.” Catherine H


“I highly recommend Rachel’s group program. This group helped me get off insurance panels and attract full fee patients. The group has also helped me develop a new wonderful network of therapists that has generated many more referrals to my practice.” Sharon B.