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I highly recommend Rachel Moheban’s Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program for both married couples and as a premarital program. The program provides five insightful audio sessions on Communication, Anger, Money, Physical Intimacy, and Emotional Intimacy for those who want to increase self-understanding and strengthen their relationships.

– Pastor Alvin Jackson

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program

We are honored to announce that the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program for Premarital and Married Couples is now available at your church.

Whether you are preparing for your big day or looking to strengthen the bond in your current marriage, it is our hope that we can journey alongside you—guiding you toward a strong and healthy union.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program includes proven and powerful strategies for successful and sustainable relationships. Our program is designed to assist your biblical understanding and foundation of marriage provided through your church by diving deeper into the five common issues that plague even the happiest couples.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program includes Five Audio Recording Counseling Sessions and a Downloadable Workbook complete with Action Sheets and Exercises. The audio sessions cover:

  1. Strategies on Communicating Effectively with your Partner
  2. Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner
  3. Strategies in Managing Anger in your Relationship
  4. Breakthroughs in Physical Intimacy in your Relationship
  5. Developing your Relationship’s Emotional Intimacy

Learn how to communicate without dictating or sacrificing your needs, express anger to grow your relationship without destroying it, increase physical intimacy to nurture your bond, find money harmony, and develop a deeper connection through emotional intimacy.

Select the Button Below to Receive All 5 of the Relationship Resolution Audios Plus Your Comprehensive Ultimate Relationship Workbook.

$427 Full Package

Or Take Advantage of Our À La Carte Options and Choose the Relationship Building Audio and Workbook that Fits Your Needs.

$97 Communication Audio

$97 Money Audio

$97 Anger Audio

$97 Physical Intimacy Audio

$97 Emotional Intimacy Audio

*50% of proceeds go to The Park Avenue Christian Church
to ensure that our community grows as you grow.

DISCLAIMER: This Program is not meant to be used in replace of therapy but as an extra resource to compliment therapy or as a premarital tool.