If someone told you they knew how to decrease your chances of divorce in the future, would you listen to what they had to say?

Well, studies have shown there’s one thing that can drastically lower your chance of divorce by 50%: premarital counseling.

Marriage counselors aren’t just for married couples. If you’re getting ready to get married, keep reading to learn how premarital counseling helps you start on the path to a healthy marriage.

  1. Build Communication Skills

One of the most important benefits of premarital courses is couples build their communication skills.

Just because you’ve reached the point of being engaged doesn’t mean you’re communicating effectively. You may find out you and your partner have been avoiding conversations around sensitive topics. But eventually, as a married couple, you’ll need to have these difficult talks.

A therapist can teach you the communication skills you and your partner need to develop a healthy marriage.

  1. Learn About Each Other’s Expectations

Pre-marriage counseling is a great place to discuss each other’s expectations for marriage. There are a few main things couples should always address before saying “I do.”

These expectations include:

  • Your religious beliefs and values
  • If you want to have children and how you’ll raise them
  • Your career goals
  • How you’ll handle finances
  • Where you want to live

Once you’ve discussed this, you’ll have a better understanding of how your partner expects the marriage and your life to be together. You want to discover any major differences in your values and life goals during counseling before you walk down the aisle.

  1. Work on Overcoming Differences

Once you develop communication skills and have learned of each other’s expectations, you can then work on overcoming any differences that arise.

Your counselor will walk you through these differences and help you try to come up with ways to work through ideas and conflicting styles. This is the time to confront the tough issues that have appeared throughout your relationship. This could include anything from wanting to live in different states to arguing over your in-laws and how to spend the holidays.

Not only will you resolve these differences before your wedding day, but you’ll also know how to handle other challenges that appear during your marriage.

  1. Get Familiar with Marriage Counseling 

Another great reason to attend premarital counseling is it’ll help your counselor know the dynamics of your relationship just in case difficult situations arise in the future.

If you and your partner run into problems during your marriage, you’ll already be acquainted with the idea of counseling. Together, the two of you can attend marriage counseling to overcome any crisis that may come up in the future.

The sooner you address problems that arise during your marriage, the less likely issues can fester and the greater your relationship can grow into a more satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

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