The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital Program

Pick a date…CHECK!
Choose the perfect dress…CHECK!
Reserve the reception hall…CHECK!

Enroll in premarital counseling…HUH?!

The perfect wedding is important. Don’t you also want to live happily ever after?

Listen…I know how easy it is to get swept away in all of the details of wedding planning. Between the never ending array of choices for invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, table settings—not to mention all the delicious food and cake you get to sample—I’m sure the last thing you want to think about is counseling with your future husband.

But hear me out.

Counseling is probably falling on your priority list right around cleaning out your refrigerator. But in reality…

Premarital counseling should be your #1 priority.

Here’s why.

You probably wouldn’t get in the car and drive to an unknown destination without your trusty navigation system. The same goes for marriage, you absolutely need to enter with a roadmap to help you overcome all the tensions that plague most marriages—money, communication, intimacy…the list goes on.

What if I told you that there is a solution that’s a fun, easy, and effective way to divorce-proof your marriage?

Would you love a program that lets you relax in the comfort of your home (maybe even enjoying a glass of wine)? A program that helps you connect to your partner on a deeper level, preventing future arguments and marriage “dry spells,” placing you on the right path to the real “happily ever after?”

Well then my blushing bride-to-be, it’s your lucky day!

As a licensed professional marriage counselor with a thriving practice in NYC, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples just like you that didn’t want to become another statistic. More than 50% of US marriages fail, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Research shows that couples that invest time in counseling reduce their risk of divorce by 70%.

But I know what you’re thinking…counseling is expensive. Your husband-to-be will never go for it. And spending hours in a stuffy office will definitely put a crimp in your social life.

So, how can you get all the benefits of counseling without blowing your budget and ticking away precious hours of your time?

I’m honored and excited to offer you a solution to help you save your marriage before it starts.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital Program is an Audio Program that lets you snuggle up with your husband-to-be right in your own home, ensuring your honeymoon will never end.

Get comfy, crank up the speakers, and iron out the bumps in your relationship before you take a trip down the aisle. Consider this program to be like Cliffs Notes, a condensed version of countless books and seminars all rolled into one, ready to give you a quick start to a happy, healthy marriage.

This program includes information from yours truly and the best of the best in the field combined with over 15 years of clinical experience on the most fundamental issues couples will inevitably face.

You will receive 5 audio recordings on the most important issues that cause conflict in marriages including:

  • Communication
  • Money
  • Anger
  • Physical Intimacy
  • Emotional Intimacy

You’ll walk away with everything you need to start creating a stronger relationship, and feel more connected to your partner right away.

This program serves as a first step and focuses on PREVENTION. For a fraction of the cost of private couple premarital counseling you will receive the secrets, tools to use, and powerful strategies to sustain your relationship.

Making a successful relationship takes work, and I have a proven system that, when properly followed and implemented, will bring you the relationship you’ve always wanted (and more).

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The materials to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program are wonderful. I also think that a variety of clients at different levels of treatment would be able to easily use them.
– Patricia M. Regensburg, LCSW

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program gives you permission to explore your relationship in a safe and nurturing environment. By living presently and opening yourself up to the teachings of Rachel Moheban, you will start to equate “therapy” with the benefits of mind/body practice. Learning the differences of conscious and unconscious marriages, living in the moment, and experiencing unity with your partner and the world are crucial in forging a stronger bond with your partner and finding a happiness within yourself.
– Melissa Cassera,

Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner is an amazing growth tool to use in your relationship. In this audio, I learned my money type as well as what my husband’s money type is, which I had no clue of before. This, along with the techniques, exercises and ‘Rachel’s Rules’, has opened my eyes up to see my true relationship with money and how I can better manage my money type. This powerful information has also allowed me to better understand how to resolve the money conflicts with my partner. Rachel communicates her insights so clearly and her exercises and tools can be implemented easily and simply. I highly recommend Rachel’s program…thank you so much Rachel!
– Gina Rafkind,

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program tackles the most critical elements for a lasting relationship…great communication. You get tangible tools and tips on how to bring resolution to issues in a gentle and powerful way. Every couple should listen to this!
– Debi Berndt, Author of LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley, 2010)

If you feel that money and financial issues are ruining your marriage and talking about it with your partner just seems to make things worse, you have to listen to this program—it might save your relationship!
– Masha Malka,

I must truly recommend Relationship Expert, Rachel Moheban, and her incredible program The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. Not only is the content in this program of extremely high-value, but Rachel has such an awesome way of delivering the information so that it sinks right in and is accessible for immediate change.

Rachel has taken the best of the best from modern psychology and distilled it into easy to understand step by steps. I thought I knew a lot about healthy relationships but with each audio I received golden nugget after golden nugget. If you are ready to truly change the way you relate with your partner (and relationships just in general) then this is the tool for you. It is a gem. Rachel, thank you!
– Heather Dominick,


Here’s a sneak peek of what you and your future husband will enjoy in this program.

1. Strategies on Communicating Effectively with your Partner

We will be covering 4 proven techniques to communicate more effectively with your partner. These strategies establish an instant way of communicating more effectively with your partner and are very effective and helpful to couples.

Couples Therapy

2. Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner

We will focus on money and you will learn to master strategies on how to resolve money conflicts with your partner by: identifying your specific money type; combating the polarization effect with your partner; communicating with your partner around money issues and developing and creating an action plan with exercises to help you take the steps necessary towards resolving money conflicts with your partner.

Couples Therapy

3. Strategies in Managing Anger in your Relationship

We will focus on anger, how to identify your anger, and ways to cope more effectively with your partner around anger issues. We will go deeper into anger dynamics, different types of anger, its motivations, how it manifests and shows up in us and our relationship. We will discuss issues that trigger our anger, and then actions and ways to shift our anger and move into a more calming place with our Partner. We will also focus on ways to establish boundaries on anger in your relationship.

Couples Therapy

4. Breakthroughs in Physical Intimacy in your Relationship

We will be focusing on physical intimacy and problems associated with how to rekindle and maintain intimacy in your relationship. I will share the different stages of a relationship and give you 5 specific strategies and exercises on how to deepen intimacy in your relationship.

Couples Therapy

5. Developing your Relationships Emotional Intimacy

You will learn the inner and outer unconscious dynamics of why we choose our partner, healing old childhood wounds, and working with our love match. There will be various exercises in growing more conscious of you and your partner’s needs.

Couples Therapy

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All of this is wrapped up into the perfect little package, ready for you and your partner to unwrap and use at your leisure. Think of it as the perfect wedding gift – a long-term ticket to happiness (wayyy better than another toaster oven or set of wine glasses).

Once you order the program you will automatically receive:

  • Five Audio Recordings. You’ll be able to listen to the recording as many times as you like. This way, it gives you access to the material as often as you like.
    • (A $497 value)
  • Actions Sheets and Exercises. During the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program, you’ll receive a downloadable workbook. You are encouraged to make use of these in your relationship right away. By the time your program is complete you will have a Relationship Building Guide that will include:
    • – Strategies to effectively communicate with your partner
    • – Strategies to resolve money conflicts with your partner
    • – Strategies on managing anger in your relationship
    • – Breakthroughs on physical intimacy in your relationship
    • – Developing emotional intimacy in your relationship
    • (A $697 value)

If you would like additional coaching and support you can contact me at anytime and schedule a complimentary private 30 minute coaching call!

Rachel is a skilled couples therapist and educator. Her years of training and expertise are now available everyone with her Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. You will learn practical and easy tools that you can start using right away to improve your relationship. You will understand what gets in the way of your having a fulfilling relationship and how to quickly abolish them so you are open to give and receive the love in your life. And these skills are so universal, you will start to see ALL of your relationships improving!
– Lora Sasiela,

After listening to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program audio, I am convinced that every couple should have a copy of this amazing audio at their disposal. The exercises on this audio, helps couples open up and bond with each other in new and exciting ways that they never knew existed. It opens your mind into a whole different way of thinking and caring. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first, but after listening to this audio, I was transformed. It was very educational, helpful and therapeutic. I believe that even those who are happily married, could benefit from the exercises on this audio. The price of this audio is a bargain when you take into account how much priceless and beneficial information the consumer receives on one audio. I truly believe that this audio is a must have tool for anyone who is in a relationship with a partner.
– Anna Ebrani, Therapist in Training

Now I ask you…

Are you absolutely serious about building your relationship and want to be shown exactly how to get your desired results, step-by-step?

Are you willing to do the inner and outer work required to succeed and have had it with excuses and being stuck?

Do you have a “yes, can do” attitude with enthusiasm and drive? (Yeah! I’ve had it with the old way; success here I come!)

Are you a person who desires to have a partner you feel a powerful connection to?

Then you DEFINITELY want to score a backstage pass into this program.

See, I’ve been in numerous premarital training classes and seminars over the years and spent over 15 years figuring out what works (and most importantly what doesn’t work). I am dedicated to ensuring you do not have to endure the same struggles and frustrations—no more wasting precious energy and money in trying to understand complicated relationships. Relationship success doesn’t need to be hard. I’ve taken every step to ensure that the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program contains all the important steps. This is what will help you accelerate your relationship movement above and beyond!

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One last thing…

This is NOT the boring premarital counseling program you hear about from your friends. I purposely created this program to be fun and effective.

And the truth is, engagement can be highly emotional. Between the stress and anxiety of wedding planning and coping with family, feuding bridesmaids, setting up your house, fear of commitment—you might feel like you’re at a breaking point already. This program can also help you chill out, feel connected with your own mind and body (as well as your partner), and survive the ups and downs of an engagement by feeling secure in your future.

A toast to lifelong happiness!

For more information please contact:

Rachel Moheban, LCSW
88 University Place, Suite F NY, NY 10003

phone: 917-273-8836, email:, web:

DISCLAIMER: This Program is not meant to be used in replace of therapy but as an extra resource to compliment therapy or as a premarital tool.