Free Teleclass Provides Couples with Tools to Conquer Conflict and Gain Intimacy

New York, – December 4, 2009 Relationships can be challenging  at the best of times, especially if you don’t enter them with a clear head and the right “tools” to grow together and learn from one another rather than grow apart. Obtaining these tools and learning how to effectively communicate in order to resolve problems effectively is what you can expect from “Breakthroughs on Anger in your Relationship”, a free teleclass presented by New York City Relationship Success Expert Rachel Moheban, LCSW.

The stresses of everyday life, whether it is with work, family or finances, can often cause conflict among couples, but it’s how they approach that conflict that determines their fate. Moheban has seen this time and again through her psychotherapist practice. She believes that couples benefit from using a variety of different resources including psycho-education, proactive skills and adaptable techniques. This combination creates a success formula  needed to make positive changes in a relationship and instilling the intimacy and connection required to maintain a successful relationship.

“I’m committed to providing couples with relationship building tools to help them better understand one another and themselves in order to meet challenges head on together. Different couples require different techniques and ideas to help them improve on their individual relationships and emotional needs. Especially when someone doesn’t understand how to deal with their anger, conflicts can arise and persist.” Says Moheban. “The free Breakthroughs on Anger in your Relationship teleclass provide couples with the necessary tools to effectively deal with anger and instead strengthen the bond that brought them together in the first place.”  

Taking place on Tuesday, December 15 at 8p.m. EST, this free virtual class is a sneak peek into a full series titled “Relationship Breakthrough”, a virtual condensed six week teleclass addressing problematic issues couples often face. The series are excellent for couples who are faced with challenges and require helpful professional advice on how to turn their relationship around for the better.


 About Rachel Moheban

Rachel Moheban is a therapist based in New York City, New York. Upon obtaining her Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University she went on to train at Ackerman Institute for the Family where she became certified by the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) to instruct and provide training for couples. She also trained at the Training Institute for Mental Health in marital and group counselling. Rachel now runs a private practice focusing on individual and couples therapy.

In addition to regular therapeutic practices, Moheban believes that couples benefit even more from using a variety of resources including the effective combination of psycho-education, pro-active skills and adaptable techniques. These approaches combined are able to create the success formula needed to make fast and immediate changes in relationships. Using this formula, Moheban designed and created “The Relationship Breakthrough Program.